UPS Power

An Uninterruptible Power Supply provides an emergency back-up power source in the event of the mains supply either failing or dropping.

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There are several reasons why you may need back-up power - notably a break in the electricity supply or hardware failure. Either event can be catastrophic if you are using your PC or running a server. But a UPS that kicks in immediately can prevent any damaging loss of data and keep critical systems running until mains power is restored.

The run time you specify for your UPS systems should be proportionate to the potential business risk and losses that may result when power is lost. How long before the loss of services become an issue to your business is the question you must ask yourself?

Back up power is often integrated into the Comms Room of an office location and be powered from either three phase or single phase power depending upon the environment. Digital Boxes will work with you to specify, design and implement the correct UPS power services for your particular smart office requirements

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