Smart Meeting Rooms

Collaborative meeting spaces of varying sizes will form the heart of smart working spaces. The level of formality of meeting may alter with the size of the room but the technology requirements for great collaboration are the same.

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Smart meeting spaces must cater for delegates who aren’t in the room, but instead joining remotely via audio or video conferencing. Careful consideration must be given to both lighting and acoustics so those in the room can clearly be seen and heard, shadows and echoes are not the order of the day!

Audio & Video Conferencing services should be super easy to use with minimal effort to join online meetings or calls. Screens, cameras, speakers, and microphones should be carefully positioned and integrated into the room to ensure maximum performance.

Sharing ideas in a meeting space will often mean capturing words, diagrams and sketches and a flip chart should no longer be the canvas of choice. Smart whiteboard solutions are developing at a rapid pace, allowing ideas to be captured, saved, and shared with those in and out of the room.

It’s no good having a great series of meeting spaces and not knowing when they are available or booked. A smart booking system that integrated with your desktop calendars and displays booking information on a screen outside the meeting room is the order of the day.

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