Managed Wi-Fi

Smart offices will demand super reliable, high speed internet connectivity with great coverage.

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Staff, visitors and contractors need to connect their laptops, tablets, smartphones and watch devices to access their applications quickly and securely wherever they are in a Wi-Fi enabled office.

Design & Implementation

The design and implementation of a Managed Wi-fi service demands careful consideration and planning. Wi-fi signals and coverage are hugely affected by the internal fabric of a building so careful attention must be paid at survey stage to ensure Access Points are in the correct locations to avoid coverage issues and black-spots. Digital Boxes will work through each step of this process to ensure you get the right outcome and a network to be proud of.

Voice & Video Calling Over Wi-Fi

Voice and Video calling to collaborate with customers, suppliers and colleagues has become an essential service over the past eighteen months. It is critical that your Wi-Fi will prioritise these services over other data being transmitted. Failure to do so will quickly render these vital communication tools unusable on a busy network. The Digital Boxes Managed Wi-fi service allows precise control over voice and video calling to ensure a great end user experience every day.


A poorly specified or configured wi-fi network may result in security issues or data breaches. Splitting different user groups and connected services on to separate networks is key and facilitated by the Digital Boxes managed service set up.


A secure cloud-based portal allows our managed wi-fi services deployed across one or all of your locations to be configured and monitored centrally. Security settings, bandwidth limits per user, V-LAN tagging and traffic shaping rules can all be administered via an intuitive user interface. Where required greater levels of reporting can be provided to monitor network utilisation and deeper analytics such as visitor location tracking or building hot-spots. Digital Boxes will work through full process of network design, implementation, training and on-going support to deliver you the best possible Managed Wi-fi Service.

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