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As we start to embrace the new world of ‘Hybrid Working’, a large percentage of office workers are unlikely to return to their old commuting routine working from an office, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Instead, they are more likely to split their time between working from home or a local shared office space and their company’s office location.

Bridging the gap

The global pandemic has taught us that in such an extreme situation, companies can function effectively even without everyone travelling to the office each day. Home internet connectivity and tools such as Microsoft 365, Teams and Zoom have bridged the gap, allowing employees to continue collaborating where meeting in person hasn’t been an option.

How will we use office spaces in the future, will all the current space be needed, what purpose will they serve?

Employees more likely will only make the journey to an office space to collaborate with colleagues rather than sitting working alone all day. As offices shrink, we may see fewer dedicated desk positions, with hot-desking areas being created so that users can book a desk and only for the period when they need it.

As technology has played it’s part in allowing us to work away from the office, so it will underpin how we can work effectively when in the office. Users will still need to be connected to their business applications, the internet, and functions such as shared printing.

They now also need effective ways to book a desk, parking space or meeting space and access to secure high-speed internet access, phone and video calling services from anywhere in the building will become a standard requirement.

Meeting rooms will also have to cater for more delegates joining remotely. They will need to partake effectively and have access to all the information being shared and their voices heard.

With a blank canvas Digital Boxes has curated a set of services which will allow your organisation to fulfill these requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner and we’d be delighted to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.

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