A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture connecting any combination of data connection – including ethernet, broadband and mobile internet services – to securely connect users to your applications.

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An SD-WAN allows data traffic to be routed, securely and in an intelligent manner between your sites.

Control of an SD-WAN is centralised so you have full control to change network configurations and performance. Traditional WANs, based on conventional routers, were never designed for The Cloud. All traffic – including cloud destined traffic – needs to be sent from branch offices to a hub or headquarters data centre where advanced security inspection services are applied. The delay caused by this “backhaul” impairs application performance resulting in a poor user experience and lost productivity.

An SD-WAN model is designed to fully support applications hosted in your on-premise data centres, public or private clouds and SaaS services such as Office 365. Digital Boxes partners with leading SDWAN vendors and will work with you to develop, deploy and support an architecture that supports the characteristics of your business. We will do away with the delay and make sure your application performance is on par.

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