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The support needs of today’s business IT networks continues to evolve as technology advances. With the passage of time, we see the number of applications increasing as has company’s reliance upon technology to operate successfully.

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As computer networks were deployed, traditional support arrangements were on a ‘responsive’ break-fix type arrangement.

In simple terms, a user would encounter an issue and call their support provider to rectify it. Now, there has been a shift for small and medium-sized businesses towards more pro-active ‘Managed Support’ agreements.

These agreements see services provided at an agreed fixed price. They include pro-active monitoring and maintenance of all hardware and software elements on the customer’s network. The aim is simple – you spot potential issues or security threats and then neutralise them. This makes far more sense than waiting for services to stop working and then responding.

The key support areas for these services are:


End user support


On premise or cloud-based server support.


Pro-active periodic and emergency patching of services.


Pro-active monitoring of network devices.


Remote access to rectify issues or make network changes.


Cyber threat projection, monitoring and alerting.


Automated back-up and recovery of company data.


Managed web-security.


Mobile device management.

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