Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)

This service minimises the impact of cyber security and personal data breaches by providing instant access to fully trained cyber and data protection experts when you need it most.

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Our specialist investigation teams will help you understand how a cyber-attack was perpetrated and will also support you through remediation.

Our experts will work alongside your internal staff from initial incident identification, through analysis; containment; malware eradication and the restoration of services. We also handle the regulatory and compliance elements of a breach, such as communication and reporting.  Our team uses advanced tools to quickly investigate and assist in remediating a security incident, allowing you to resume business as usual in the shortest possible time, but will – all the while – be gathering important data that can assist in an investigation.

The purpose of the Cyber Security Incident Response Team service is:


To provide rapid access to the appropriate experts in response to a cyber security incident.


To control and limit the damage caused by a breach by conducting a full investigation, including root cause analysis, and then creating and actioning an incident response plan.


To prevent future incidents by reporting on findings from the incident and providing practical recommendations.

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