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Data is now one of the most valuable commodities in the world and we are gathering it at an astonishing pace. As the data your business holds and uses becomes more valuable it becomes more important to have a plan in case it is lost.

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The table below outlines some of occurrences that can lead to your data being lost:

User Error

From accidental file deletion and overwriting to spilling coffee on laptops, user error is the number #1 cause of data loss

Ransomeware Attacks

Even if you pay a ransom, you’re not guaranteed to get all of your data back. Victims who paid only recovered 92% of their data on average

Other Cyber Attacks/Breaches

From phishing and password attacks to network intrusions and malware, there’s a variety of ways an intruder will try to access or corrupt valuable data

Malicious Deletion

There’s a risk of disgruntled employees purposefully maliciously deleting critical data out of spite or to cover their tracks.

Employee Turnover

Well-meaning departing employees sometimes try to ‘clean’ their devices and file systems before leaving.

Hardware Failure

Hardware failures, such as device or server crashes, can lead to huge amounts of data loss

Device Loss Or Theft

Mobile workforces increase the risk of lost or stolen laptops and smartphones that contain corporate data

Physical Disasters & Power Outages

Fires and flood can destroy devices and servers, while power outages lead to data loss due to unsaved data or data corrupted by improper shut-downs.

So how do you go about securing your valuable data?

Digital Boxes partner with Acronis, a leading player in the field of Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service. Acronis Cyber Protect Backup allows you to seamlessly backup or restore your data on bare metal or virtual infrastructure located on-premises or in the cloud including eight major hypervisors, PC/Macs, SAP HANA, SQL/Oracle Database, Exchange, Microsoft 365, Azure, AWS, G Suite, Websites and iOS / Android mobile devices.

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